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Hi, I am Anjali and I am thrilled to know you are considering Digital Marketing as your career option.

Digital Marketing is here to stay and the need of qualified Digital Marketers has been and will be on a continuous rise in near future.

Even tough it is a rewarding career, it is not for everyone, choose wisely. DM is not an over night of 2 month game. The courses and trainings are just the begining.

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As normal as I may appear on the surface, brace yourself for the crazy ride of knowing me. Here are some fun and some not so fun facts about yours truly:

1. Result-o-holic – Yes I am that, and I do not care if there is no such word or disorder. I am a result driven person. With no places for excuses in my life.

2. Helping businesses achieve their true potential without breaking their banks and/or going insane is my superpower and is what gives me kick.

3. DM Training is just one of the many services I offer under my brand Not Just Strategy. The vacuum and void of efficient DM Executives in the marketed  is the force behind this decision of enforcing a structured DM training.

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