My fellas who are in client facing roles, as a sales professional, business advisor, digital marketer, trainer, project manager or another billion (ok may be a hundred ) other profiles, this blog is for specially for you.

Hey my not facing clients directly fellas, do not get disappointed you can use the exact same things, because why not? You deal with people, the team your boss, management and how you carry yourself has a great impact on how they perceive you.

Dressing and accessorising is a very important part of human life from the beginning of time, yes long back clothes were even invented, humans chose leaves and animal skin, now people may give different survival reasons, but there is no denying the fact that we love dressing up and it has a direct impact on our mood, emotions and productivity.

Also, we humans are guilty of forming perceptions and at times even judging people based on their dressing sense. Where on one hand I am not all crazy about branded stuff, it is non negotiable for me to that people I work with are presentable.

And before you start hating me on this even when you know you do it too, let me explain.

It is not that I want to be presentable or dress like a diva or a charmer for that matter just to please my taste and eyes, how one dresses impacts their mood and thus the energy in the room, Specially when you meet new people, you gotta pay attention to how you dress, what you carry because those are the subtle unspoken hints you are dropping about your personality, about you as a person.

All of this helps the person connect with you, like you, obviously the knowledge and other people skill parts are non negotiable as well, this one is just to prime it up.

So, here are few things which should be in your work wardrobes darlings.

Bags – People notice this the first thing after your clothes. You but this on the table, you take out your stuff from it they see it.

Following are my personal favourites you can pick from, thank me later for saving you hours of scrolling and confusion.

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