Can “Getting Things Done” a book by David Allen, really change your productivity game for good?


I was stuck in the hamster wheel of being busy for a good 12 years of my life. Multitasking was my superpower, my boss loved me, for I kept things going. Everything was working fine, but me, my brain was exploding, after office, I was exhausted most of the time.

Yes, things were getting done, but at what cost?

This question never arose in my mind until I became an entrepreneur, and in 6 months of starting my first company, I started another one. Time was of the essence, if I want to taste the sweetness of success, I knew I can not be like this, I knew it won’t work like this. I have a life outside work and I need those people my family, my friends, my me time to keep me sane and happy.


And then I stumbled upon this book by David Allen, Getting Things Done. The subtitle which was ” The art of stress-free productivity” caught my attention, I remember I was at a local book store in Delhi, and I just sat there and started reading.

Ever since then this is my first recommendations to all busy people out there, trust me all my friends have read this, loved this, implemented the learnings, and recommended it to others, it is that kind of book that changes lives.

David Allen in his book Getting Things Done, has not just touched the aspects of productivity and all the theoretic jazz that most self-help books consist of, here he has given an entire system that you can put into place and follow, and once you do that my pal, you will experience the magic of STRESS FREE WORKING.

Who should read this book ?

This book is as much for a CEO as much it is for a freelancer or a solo-preneur. The learnings and systems here are to the point for those working with huge teams and those who are a one man army. Grab it. Read it. Implement it. And see your productivity getting a boost.


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