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Frequently Asked

When is your next batch starting?

Various batches run parallelly for different courses, please use the WhatsApp Us button below to enquire.

I am not sure which Digital Marketing Course is best for me.

Worry not, this is a good sign.

It only means you need some more information in order to make an informed decision for your career. 

Hit the WhatsApp Us button below, and our experts will help you decide.

Do you have a demo class?

No. Demo classes usually last around an hour or two, and that is not enough time to judge a trainer or your interest.

However, we do offer a one on one counseling in order to help you understand your trainer and the training better. 

Who takes the class?

Our founder, Anjali Wadhwani addresses the Digital Marketing Class herself. 

Occasionally we invite experts and alumni students to share their expertise, learnings and success stories.

Who should learn Digital Marketing?

Anyone who is keen on learning & leveraging Digital Marketing for individual or organizational growth should and must learn Digital Marketing.

  1. Under Graduates, Graduates, Job & Career Seekers
  2. MBA Marketing & Marketing Heads
  3. Media Advertising Professionals
  4. Entrepreneurs & CEO’s
  5. Business Development Managers
  6. Freelancers, Bloggers & Web Designers
  7. Small, Medium & Large Business Owners

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