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Digital Marketing Training For Individuals

Considering making a rewarding career in Digital Marketing? Want to start it right?

Digital Marketing For Businesses

Passionate about growing your business through the power of Digital Marketing?

Buyer Persona

Don’t shoot in the dark. Learn the science of people, the ultimate buyer, the demographics and their psychographics.

Buyer Journey

Understanding the buyer journey and integrating it with business offerings is your runway to digital success.

Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing is incomplete. Learn the science of creating Digital Strategies for businesses in a Digital World.

Digital Marketing

Learning and Knowing isn’t enough, neither is practical training.  Execute real DM campaigns on Live Projects.

What is Digital Marketing?

A big chunk of the world has gone digital, and so are the people. Marketing is all about reaching a particular set of audience with the right message, and people today spend a great amount of time on Digital Platforms, which is now intelligently being used by businesses in their marketing strategy, the combination of Marketing over digital platforms coined the term Digital Marketing.

Who is this training for?

Digital Marketing Training is for both businesses who are keen on growing their clients and for individuals who are looking for making a promising career in today’s time. The opportunities with digital marketing are endless. It is a great fit for those who are looking for a steady job, and even for those are aspired to be their own boss. Most importantly – It is a career that is and will be in demand for long. 

Why US?

While most digital marketing training programs are sold on the basis of the topics, platforms and all the jazz that will be covered, we set yourself apart from not just focusing on the platforms, but teaching the science of Digital Marketing which can then be applied on any business and on any platform.

Consider our Digital Marketing Training like your driving school training, did they teach you how to drive on each road, under each circumstance, Nope. You were thought about driving, the vehicle, the traffic sense and rules, the ifs and buts, equipping you with the power of navigating through any kind of situation that may arrive on road.

The case with businesses and ever-changing scenario of Digital Marketing is the same, and we train our students to navigate successfuly in the Digital World.



1. Business Oriented

The sole purpose of marketing is to enable business growth, and more often Digital Marketing efforts fail because they are focused on the generic marketing approach. We teach our students to create and implement business-oriented Digital Marketing strategies.

2. Updated Curriculum

Digital platforms are dynamic and are continuously updated, so are the trends, and algorithms. 

We not only update our curriculum regularly, we teach our students how to stay at par with the latest trends and changes in the world of Digital Marketing. 

3. Theory + Practical Training

We don’t just teach, we make you do it. Be it a social media campaign, an email marketing funnel, Search Engine Optimization, Facebooks Ads, Or various landing pages, you don’t just learn the what and why but you experience the HOW.

While most of the digital marketing domain is practical, ignoring the theoretical side can prove to be fatal. Theory clears the concept, and clear concepts build strong foundations.


4. Hands on experience

With Not Just Strategy you don’t just learn what to do, when to do and why it is important, we don’t even stop at the how of execution.

Our students work, create and experience each component of Digital Marketing.


5. Real Business Implementation

There are no dummy projects in Not Just Strategy’s Digital Marketing Classes, nope. 

You work on real businesses, on their real campaign and not some made up business projects.


6. Lab Time

Digital Marketing like every other skill needs practice, and we facilitate you with not just lab time, but lab time with guidance. So you implement and experience what you learn.

7. Job Assistance + Career Guidance

We help you find the right job and help you start your rewarding career in Digital Marketing, with referrals, references, interview preparation and more. 

Never in this journey you will find yourself alone, we are your mentors and we are there for you.


Digital Marketing Training Offerings

 We are here to help you make not just the right but the best choice for YOU. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision in choosing your career path for the most satisfying and rewarding career. 

Social Media Mastery

4 Week Course

81% of small businesses use some kind of social media platforms, but less than 12% are doing it profitably.

Master Social Media Marketing Strategy, Techniques & Implementation, and help businesses achieve a positive ROI.

More Details

Best fit for

√  Freshers

√ Freelance Aspirants

√ SmallBusiness Owners


Digital Marketing Mastery

10  Week Course

The superpower of helping businesses flourish in the Digital World is yours to master.

Digital marketing is a flawed concept, success lies in knowing and mastering how to market businesses in the digital world.

More Details

Best Fit For:

√ Digital Marketing Job Aspirants

√ Entrepreneurs 

√ Freelancers 

√ Marketing Professionals – MBA 


Content Creation Mastery

6 Week Course

Content marketing is not just the backbone but also blood and flesh of Digital Marketing, there will be no internet and no Digital Marketing without Content.

Learn how to create persuasive content, that converts.

More Details

Best Fit For:

√  Scaling Bloggers

√ Social Media Executives

√ Aspiring Content writers

√ Website Designers

√ Digital Marketing Professionals


Not sure which one is the right option for you?

Let me help!

Schedule a FREE personal career guidance session with me and I will help you decide if Digital Marketing is right for you. 

If yes, which course will best help you achieve YOUR life & career goals.

About Me

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Avid Reader, Coffee Veins, Family First but workaholic, are few things that describe me.

I help businesses and professionals exponentially grow their businesses with the power of integrated business strategies.

With 13 years of experience in various roles and varied industries, helping businesses fix their process gaps and profit leaks, we often worked on their marketing.

During this process, finding the right candidates for digital marketing was a regular challenge. I realized the need and lack of practical digital marketing training, and that is why I became a Digital Marketing Trainer. 

How that happened is something we can talk when we meet.


“It has been a great experience learning from Anjali Mam. Her way of teaching is very friendly and interactive. Learning in a group and working on live projects have also been very helpful. There is not only theoretical but even practical knowledge that we acquire here.”

Sonam Varlani

I would like to thank and appreciate Anjali for being such an amazing instructor during entire course and she has a completely supportive strategy that was actually I was looking for being new to the course.

I would also like to thank her for extra support that I needed and making me learn Digital marketing from basics to advance. I now feel more confident while doing any projects in digital marketing. 

Bhoomika Chawla

“When I heard the term “Digital marketing” for the very first time I didnt know anything about this term but it was everywhere around me, But I didnt know anything about it, But I when I came to know what actually it is I bumped into a decision of being a Digital Marketer, And yes it was my perfect decision, Now I am planing to do MBA in marketing And it will be a perfect combination of A Digital market and Mba In marketing”

Leena Jeswani

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